A Transmedia Production

The Gift

The Graphic Novel

B.E.'s story comes to life with artwork by John Orlando. Editing by Dan Fogel and Mark Fox.


Coming Soon

The Gift: The Return of Wonder

The Young Adult Novel

An innocent girl receives the power to change the world.

Jacob The Artist

Short-Film Spin-off

An artist's parlour tricks draw more attention than he bargained for.

Harvey and the Musician

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Comic

Help Harvey decide how to use his amazing powers - rescue innocent victims or go after the villain.                                           

Remember Mi


The Gift, written for the big screen, captures all the excitement of the first book and sets the stage for stories to come.


Let's make a video game!

What would you do if you had super powers? Check out our fundraising video and get a taste for the types of games we can't wait to make!

Broc & Company

Short Screenplay

A pastor struggles to protect his followers amidst pending doom in Atlanta. 

Lua Pele

Short Story

A troubled Hawaiian girl struggles to control her gift and has the whole island fearing the rebirth of an ancient goddess.


A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Short Story

A day at the beach turns into an adventure of discovery as you decide how to confront your family's tormentor.    

Products & Apparel

Products from the story come to life

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Coming Soon

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