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Tune in to Yourself

Recognizing where you are will help you decide where you want to go.

We'll check in on you as often, or as little as you want us to.


Tell us how you're feeling and how you want to feel with text and emojis.

Our AI will associate the words and icons you use to understand where you fall on the emotional spectrum.


We'll make suggestions. You customize the experience.

Sound and color have the ability to enhance your mood. You and U4Ea set the intention based on your level of activity and desired effect.


After that, all you need to do is whatever you're doing.

Happiness Tracker

Where, when, what are you doing when you are you most happy.

In conjuction with your input, Apple Health, and similar aggregators, we'll track your mood, so we can make better suggestion the next time you need us.

Mood ___story

Noticing any trends yet?

We'll analyse daily trends for you, but no one knows you better than yourself. If certain day(s) are tougher than others, perhaps an adjustment is in order.

(Anti) Social

Connect how you want.

Connect with people that can relate to what you're going through. Connect with people who do the things you want to do. Or keep to yourself.


Whatever makes you happy.

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