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Meditation & Mindfulness On Demand

How do you feel?


How do you want to feel?


Answering either of those two questions is an act of mindfulness. Controlling what you're mindful of is meditation.


The focus for cultures throughout time revolves around the awareness of self. Methods to do so continue to evolve and U4Ea is our contribution. 


Through the study of mindfulness practices across the globe, we have connected the dots between several methodologies in order to give you control over how you want to feel and how you want to think at any given moment. The scientific terms include binaural beats, entrainment/synchronization, Hertz/frequency, Solfeggio Tones, Schumann Resonance, and brainwave patterns. That all translates to how you can use sound and color to enhance your performance simply by making three choices:


How do I want to feel?

What attribute do I want to empower?


What am I preparing for?


From there, all you need are headphones. A soothing HUM means you are on your way to feeling how you want to feel. Listen to the tones themselves or blend them behind music and videos. Let the visual display further stimulate your desired effect through the use of light and color. 


Research reports like this white paper are available in abundance on-line, along with an ever-growing number of videos and documentaries on the subject. Follow us on social media for related educational content. Science has already proven the correlation between the Earth Resonance, the frequency at which DNA replication, and the release of mood enhancing serotonin all take place at the 7.83 Hz. U4Ea aims to make this knowledge more applicable and more available.


Mindfulness --> Balance --> Inner Peace --> Outer Peace --> World Peace

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