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A Road To U4Ea

by Brandon Howard

Journeys have a way of beginning before they reveal themselves to you.


I guess it started with my dad. I lived 2300 miles away when he struggled with cancer. It wasn’t possible to be a part of his daily challenges. However, I believed alternative healing held many answers. My research began and I shared what I learned. I didn’t come across a solution in time. Enter my own health concern and back surgery denials. My research resurfaced.


Search results pulled me deeper into sources that few take time to explore. Education, documentaries, peer groups, medical research and alternative medicine practitioners supplied expertise and more questions. The healing power of sound and frequency entered my studies about a year after my dad passed. Looking back, it was one of those epiphanies right before the fall. I was planning an amazing wedding with my wife, just finished my first novel, and was navigating the best year of my Wall Street career. Each year that followed came with greater goals. With them came higher demands. I called these early days, “An unexpected quest.”


I look at things differently than most people. I know this because blank stares are the common response to uncommon thoughts that I share. However, it has taught me to be mindful and peel back the onion of thoughts lying dormant in myself and others. In that place of exploration I was brought face to face with everything; the parts I like and the parts I've made peace with.


I’ll say it now and for the rest of my life, I am grateful for my wife’s patience and the love and support from my friends and family.  


They were my anchors during good tides and bad. My sharp turn from business and finance to novels and a multi-media corporate start-up sent my support system fumbling through uncharted territory, but they never left my side. They, along with the peace of mind I found in binaural beats, made the trials and tribulations key to the phase I call, “Remember Mi.”


I think back to the first time I listened to binaural beats. When at work they helped me find calmness within. However, finding access to the range I was seeking wasn’t as easy. MP3s and CDs was about as good as it got in 2011. Thank goodness they became available through apps. It felt awkward carrying my laptop I downloaded binaural beat creation software onto.


From day one, I needed to know they were safe. I wanted to understand their relationship to meditation and mindfulness. The historically significant attributes of sound in general provided a base on which I could build my own comfort level. Its scientific correlations to color and light seemed logical. I followed the white rabbit down an uncharted road of under-popularized documentaries and Google Scholar until I came upon a Wonderland that confirmed my intuition that binaural beats were not only safe, but good for you.


Nearly eight years after my Dad’s passing the tumblers unlocked my joy. Connecting the dots revealed the evolutionary relationship between science, medicine, culture and technology. It became quite clear that binaural beats needed to step up it’s game. Science shows that binaural beats can do more than the apps out there are allowing them to, so I created a higher platform where mindfulness followers can explore and experience the potential.


There are not many of us out there who hold binaural beats in such high regard; mostly because ease of use is still evolving. Yet, I know that those with whom I’ve shared binaural beats with have, and continue to, reap the rewards. This greater use compelled me to what I call my “aha moment!”


What I’ve learned so far on this path to U4Ea is that the little things that make up life always work for you, even when it feels like they’re against you. The more you focus on the good, the more good will come your way. Taking a split second to remember you want to feel good whenever you don’t is all you need. My app helps you keep that positivity going in the direction you want it to.


I wouldn’t be writing this, days away from sharing my dream with the world, if it wasn’t for all the little things (and the really big things) that reminded me that anything is possible.


Now if the path to peace is paved by the collective consciousness of a growing number of introspective people seeking to find balance with the world around them, then we’ll really see what’s possible.

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